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Are you tired of...
  • Not having time for yourself?
  •  Feeling like you're chasing clients vs having them reach out to you?
  •  Confused as to what your purpose is?
  •  Frustrated that you have dreams, ideas & ambition to create something bigger
  •  You don't know what this all looks like.
Keep reading if you said YES to any of the above.
I created this 7 step guide to your freedom & expansion so that you can feel
great about what you offer, how you do it and how it helps others improve their lives. 

Follow the steps and start living for you instead of waiting for something to happen.
Do you want to live from purpose with a profitable conscious business model that reflects your soul...
 or  live from need and lacking the basic things you preach about?
What if...
  • You could reach more people and create a larger impact with your business?
  • You could make more money doing what you love without selling out & burning out?
  • You could create a business model that supports your strengths and passions?
Would you?
  • Take risks knowing they are worth while?
  • Move into a place of unlimited growth with the right guidance?
  • Sacrifice our comfort zone to explore other options?
  • Surrender to a greater vision, faith and power?
Imagine manifesting your dreams, having fulfillment every step of the way & making a massive impact for your clients and you!
So, how does it work?
Bizzy Yogi is created by Yogis for Yogis. It's your place to connect with your ideal self who creates and has the bigger vision. 

Through online courses designed to teach you about branding, building tribe, marketing & most important, about who you are and your strengths, you can create your ideal business with a business you love!

Bizzy Yogi focuses on your strengths and making them profitable with possibilities that are larger than what you might think. 
  •  Align your spirit with your mission. 
  •  Move from a place of purpose
  •  Get deeper into your life's journey
  •  Plan a business from your soul
  •  Sequence a life and business you love
  •  Create abundance in ways you didn't think were possible
  •  Welcome a tribe you want to lead
  •  Monetize your ideas & take action
  •  Increase your earning potential 
About Arianne Om
Yogi Soul, Creative Mind, Wanderluster & Supporter of Dreams!

There is nothing more exciting to me than finding passion and being free to travel and work anywhere. I’m excited and honored to have created Bizzy Yogi, an online platform for creative gypsy souls like me find their voice and their business, so that they can create a bigger impact in the world.

People know me as a mover, a quick thinking solution based yogini and say: “Ari, you are always so busy!” My answer is always the same: “Busy doing what I LOVE!

As the owner of 3 businesses, I know how not only to feel good about what I am doing, helping others grow and step up, but also gives me a sense of purpose. 

The moment I decided to invest in myself, my business skills, opportunities opened up I had never imagined!

 I own & run a 3000 person yoga conference called The Yoga Expo, am the president of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce & I run trainings and retreats worldwide - and guess what it all connects back to who I am! I love what I do and who I do it for. 
Isn't it time you felt abundantly happy too? 


Leah Kinsella

Arianne helped me create a brand I love, move from teaching over 30 hourly based classes to creating a program I love and have higher paying clients... I have more time and love the freedom I have to travel and keep growing my business.
Life Coach & Meditation Teacher

Carine LeMaitre

By working with Arianne I have doubled my earnings in my Ayurvedic practice, have a higher retention rate and am leading better retreats!
Ayurvedic Doctor, Shaman & Yogini
Whatever your path may be right now, know I am committed to creating a radical shift in your life, your business and your spiritual and physical growth and reconnect with the divine essence in you
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